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Minor Pentatonic Scale and Blues Scale Theory Things William Wieland: The minor pentatonic scale is 1. of a major scale.The Basics Of Guitar Music. The Blues scale has an additional.Possibly because this scale can be easier to use, as it fits over the entire 12 bar sequence, regardless of whether the chord is a I, IV or V.In jazz theory books, the chapters about blues are often quite small, because blues is in part a feeling, a mood.Since the blues was being sang by the African slaves through singing in the fields about their pain and their distress you.

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Hear about the two basic forms of a pentatonic scale in music theory: major and minor.I teach patterns as both a set of five and seven in the Fretboard Theory video.Blues Guitar. if you know your minor pentatonic scale the blues guitar scale shape will be easy.

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A pentatonic scale is a musical scale or mode with five notes per octave in.Knowing the blues scale in C, F, Bb, and G will allow you to work easily with a number of songs constructed in the blues genre.The Composite Blues scale is a versatile scale used in many genres of music.

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Chord Theory: An Introduction to Triads. The major scale is the foundation of most things we will talk about related to music theory. Scales,. My kinda blues.Standard notation is like many other things in music theory developed from the C major scale.The blues guitar scale is much like the pentatonic scale, but with the addition of an important note, the diminished fifth, aka flat five or.In part 1 of this mini-series exploring the Blues from a music theory.

The Blues is interesting in that there is no one scale for the whole progression.Guitar Lesson: Chart of the A Blues Scale (aka Minor Blues) patterns on the guitar fretboard.Defining blues tonality and the blues scale. By this theory, the blues scale originated by stacking minor thirds above and below a central pitch.

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The Blues Scale is a minor, scale with the scale degrees 1 4 5 named after the American music genre blues from which it originates.

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The next theory is an adaptation of a theory we already know: the study of scales and...He describes the blues as a feeling that we all have at one point or another throughout life.

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Blues Box 1 is our first must know position and consists of the first fundamental scale for all Blues guitar solos, namely the.A pentatonic scale, as the name implies, has only five notes.

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This page explains various musical concepts involved with Scales,.You can easily play this scale in any key by using the major scale as your starting point.The last scale that we will explore in this section of the Blues Guitar Theory Guide is the Mixolydian Scale.