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Urban Legend is a 1998 American slasher film directed by Jamie Blanks,.Keep the lights on as you explore this list of 25 Creepy Urban Legends That Are Actually True.

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Here are ten of the most gruesome and creepy urban legends we can get our hands on.

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Where celebrities go, urban legends, rumors, and tons of lies and gossip follows.

Includes Classic and Modern Urban Myths - even a few from Japan.

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Japan. Home of Nintendo, sushi, and a festival celebrating the penis.The backstory sounds almost like an urban legend, and the film itself draws on many of the darker, sinister aspect of Disneyland mythology.Creepy urban legends are things that both frighten and delight us.

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Urban legends are fairly extreme stories told as supposedly true.From deep within the shadows of Hollywoods backlots crawl the creepiest rumors and legends: a hanged Munchkin, the Superman Curse and.

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With the up coming Halloween season, the creepy stories will begin to surface.From dark vortices to ravenous beasts and gates to hell, these are the creepiest urban legends America has to offer.

Maybe there will be an oversaturation of Scream-inspired horror films someday soon,.Features many various urban legends, folklore, myths, and hoaxes that are popular around Halloween.The internet can be a scary place — but not all of those scary places are ones that we seek to avoid.Urban legends are, frankly, terrifying and unnecessary to share with me.

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Some of these stories you may have already heard about, while others may come as.But this weekend, dear reader, the most terrifying urban legend of them all became something.Read some of the most scary urban myths and legends from around the world in this article.

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The definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.Japanese urban legends like Hone-onna or Fatal Fare, be it creepy or scary, will surely satisfy your thirst for thrill and excitement.Scary stories can be urban legends but are not the only kind.Man and he was sighted numerous times and become something of an urban legend in Pennsylvania. 4) The Creepy Clown.

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Urban legends have all the allure of traditional storytelling and folklore, with the added bonus.Some urban legends have changed very little over years with.

Rumor says that a young couple once lost their lives driving off the bridge.

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Welcome to the dark world where you can experience your scary imagination and share the scary thoughts.If youre going to a halloween party, you might want to take the stage and tell a scary Halloween Urban Legend.

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The allure of all urban legends is that you never really know for sure whether they are simply tales to scare naughty children into being good or if there.

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London abounds with tales of hauntings, many of which may be rooted in urban legend and modern myth which has helped perpetuate them for generations.